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I'm Vissarion, a Front-end Developer who creates responsive, functional websites for successful businesses and soon web apps with React.

About me


I’m based in sunny Larissa, Greece and I worked as an IT support before starting web development. When I’m not coding, learning frameworks, or changing the layout, you’ll find me running out in the riverbank.


BSc IT/ICT Engineer

Thessaly’s Institute of Technology (TEI of Thessaly), department of Computer science & Engineering, Greece.

MSc Law and IT

University of Macedonia (Greece) department of Applied Informatics & Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) Law department. 2017-2019


JavaScript (REST API, Classes, OOP etc)

Random facts

Street food



This is a site for wedding parties and events in general. I corrected on the client’s site, the photos of the slides, the main text, the map, and the image from the footer, that weren’t responsive for tablets and mobiles and caused an overflow.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - Vanilla JavaScript

Little Travels

Little Travels is a landing page about travelling. The page has a dark theme and a background video in a splash shape.

Technologies used: CSS - Vanilla JavaScript

Website Code
Tonbokai Kendo

This page is for the sport-team Tonbokai which practices kendo and is based in Larisa, Greece. Colors of the page where inspired from the unique color of their practice clothes.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - Vanilla JavaScript

Website Code

It is about a plastic surgeon's office and his services. For this site, the layout and colors take advantage of the images from the client's Facebook page.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - AOS - Vanilla JavaScript

IP Address Tracker

This web app is a coding challenge from the Front-end Mentor site. I used the IP Geolocation API, by IPify, to find the location of an IP address or domain and its information.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - Vanilla JavaScript (REST API - AXIOS) - LeafletJS - OpenStreetMap

Website Code
Search with TvMaze API

As part of the Web developer Bootcamp to learn REST API, I made a search engine with TvMaze API. My addition were actors, descriptions and constructed the cards with a function to add to the DOM.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - Vanilla JavaScript (REST API - AXIOS)

Website Code
Biofarm and Agrotourism

To learn better how CSS and Bootstrap works, I build a static webpage about Biofarm products and Agrotourism.

Technologies used: CSS - Bootstrap - jQuery - Vanilla JavaScript

Website Code


If you are a business seeking a web presence or an employer looking to hire, don't hesitate to reach out!

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